Monday, February 14, 2011

Trusting, Believing and Being Still

God wants us to trust him, believe he will answer our prayers and be still and wait. Sounds ever so easy but it is not, it is something that needs prayer in and of itself. Everytime I think I'm there, I get knocked flat on my back and have to start all over again.
Isn't that what being a Christian is all about, trusting in Jesus for everything? Up until three years ago, for the most part, I did okay in this area. Don't get me wrong, I faltered, but I'd pull myself out of it and accept that I had to try again. God knows we are imperfect creatures and I am grateful. But these past few years have been very hard, for many reasons, and although I know God is in control I keep wanting to take control myself, as if I could do a better job! Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult to just let go and let God? I think it is, BECAUSE I LIKE TO BE IN CONTROL, don't most of us? If, however, I am going to trust, believe, be still, and wait I need to get out of my own way. MY OWN WAY, there it is in a nutshell, I want what I want when I want it! Being in control, having my own way, they're the same thing so now I must ask myself, do I really trust God? Well, do I? Do I trust God, the omnipotent, omniscient, infallible creator who knows all there is to know about me, who has a plan for my life and knows how to impliment this plan (without my help) or do I trust myself, a mortal human being who procrastinates at every turn and is unable to make a decision without stressing over every little aspect? Just who do I think I am?
Okay, I know who I'm not -GOD- now it's time to take a good look at who I am -a mortal being- and decide whether or not to relinquish control, the control I never really had. Well, since I never really had the control to begin with I suppose it's time to let go and let God.
Will I fall flat again, probably, but I am determined to keep getting back up, knowing that God will never give up on me.
Trusting, believing and being still, that's the decision I've made. Keep me in your prayers because deciding is one thing, doing is another.

Father, teach me how to be still, to simply trust in you. You tell us in your word that we must ask, believing that you will answer because if we doubt at all then we are not trusting you. As we all know, a relationship cannot survive without trust.
You know my burden Lord and how my heart is breaking, but I also know you can lift my burden and mend my heart. I want the peace that passeth all understanding, the peace that only comes through knowing your Son, Jesus. You Father, can do all things, you who created the heavens and the earth are capable of unspeakable wonders. When I look around at the beauty of this planet I stand in awe and sometimes gasp at the wonder of it all. How awesome is your creation.

The vastness of the universe
our sight cannot contain.
His infinite expansive realm
mere mortals can't explain.
This body He has given us,
its intricate design,
is far beyond the scope of man's
conception to define.
We're given eyes with which to see
all that He has conceived,
yet walk through life with blinders on,
sightless and deceived.
We shut our eyes to His design,
and claim it's happenstance.
We say that life, in all its forms,
crawled from the soup by chance.
How can we gaze at star filled skies
that show no end in sight
and not believe there is a God
who sent to us the Light?

Forgive me for the sin in my life. Though I try not to sin I am a weak earthly vessel. Each day I need to be cleansed anew and filled with the purity of grace that only you can supply.

Help me to see the need in others so that my own doesn't take over my life. Give me the insight to recognize when there is a lost soul searching for purpose and the ability to reach out and help in someway. I have been too focused on my own sorrow to see that others are in need. I want to be more selfless and less selfish.

Lord, be with my family, I love them so much and the idea of knowing you can be saved is not something they believe but you can open their eyes to this truth. I try to live as an example of what a Christian should be but Father I fail more then not. All these years and I am still the only one, out of all the siblings in my family, who believes a person can know they are going to heaven. I'm pretty sure they all believe that Jesus is your Son but they don't believe that they can have a personal relationship with him. I know you can speak to all of their hearts and that is my prayer. I ask this for other members of my family also, not just my siblings.

Father, today was not a good one for my mom. She was terribly confused. I pray that she gets a good night's sleep and wakes up tomorrow refreshed and more like herself. For my granddaughter, Lord you know the anquish I have suffered but I am trying so very hard to just be still and let you work in her life. We are ready to help if that is your desire, for all of us, but Father we need it to be made clear. Until that time I would just ask you to watch over her in her rebellious state and keep her safe from harm. Lord I pray she would not be exposed to any predators while she is searching so hard to fill the void in her life. We will fill that void but we are waiting on you Lord, to guide and direct.

I pray for the people from LRPC who have surgery scheduled this week, that each one woud be successful and that the doctors performing the operations would be guided by you. Comfort them and their families both now and during their recoveries. I would ask also that the situation at our church be settled once and for all for the good of everyone. Lord, my prayer is that the discussion that took place in church today brought the facts out and led to a resolution, which will please us all.

Father, I pray for Hannah, a young woman who has strayed from you and whose parents and grandparents are concerned for her well being. Turn her life around 180 degrees. Give peace to her family as you would to ours. Keep her safe while she trys to figure out her life and her purpose on this earth and if it be your will guide her quickly back to your open arms. So many of us have prodigals in our families who we hope will return someday - SOON! Give each of us the ability to trust and be still.
For it is in the name of your precious Son that I ask these things. AMEN

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