Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love For A Lifetime, It Is Possible if.......

In honor of Lovefest 2011.

It's quite common in this day for people to go through relationships like they go through clothing.
We usually buy an article of clothing, that one special piece, because we like the style and it appeals to us. We might believe that it will make us look good but we fail to look at the label to determine how much it is going to cost and how time consuming its upkeep will be. Regardless, we take out our cash, or plastic, plop it on the counter and say "I'll take this". Once home we try it on, look in the mirror and inevitably say "It looked better on me in the store" or "What was I thinking, this is all wrong"? "All the money I spent and now I'm not even sure if I like it, plus I didn't notice this thing is - Dry Clean Only". Well, it seems to me we do the same thing in our relationships, we see something we like, we go after it but once we get it we're not so sure we want to keep it because we realize the cost and care might be too high. 

I remember when I met Keith, in high school, I was initially drawn to him because I thought he was just so cute. He had the most beautiful eyes I'd ever seen, even though one was green and one was blue (that made him unique, I liked that). As I got to know him what appealed to me was his leadership quality, that was evident even then, and I hadn't had any male examples in my life who displayed this characteristic. Keith was and still is a take charge kind of guy. He always gave me the impression I was safe with him. He made me feel important, like I was the only female on the planet who made his heart beat a little faster and he still makes me feel that way. We have now been married 43 years, YES HE DID ROB THE, and it hasn't always been easy, but divorce has never been an option. He and I started our journey together all those years ago and we will travel this path till death do us part. A commitment was made before God and with Him in control IT IS possible to Love for A Lifetime.

Today we finished up a program at Church entitled 'Lovefest 2011'. It was a time of teaching, learning, fellowship and discovery. Yes we can be married forever! Love can last a lifetime! IT IS POSSIBLE IF WE ALLOW GOD TO TAKE CENTER STAGE and learn to MAKE LOVE...a verb.

 Marriage Of Three

Not so very long ago
you stood before the Lord
and pledged your solemn marriage vows
to live in one accord
What once was two becomes now one
Inseparable for life
To grow in love more every day
and cleave in times of strife
Ecstatically your lives begin
awash in golden beams
So in love it's hard to see
real life beyond the dreams
As time goes by the vale will fall
The truth shall be revealed
Then will the vows pledged on that day
remain as tightly sealed
Do not leave God at the church
He's waiting there for you
Invite him to your marriage
when the ceremony's through


  1. Awh, I think I'll keep her a bit longer....

  2. I forgot to mention that I was also drawn to his witty repartee! And can he talk, he just goes on and on, never gives me a chance to get a word