Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Night at the Movies - Wow

I had the opportunity tonight to attend the prescreening of the movie Soul Surfer. Most movies out of Hollywood are, let's face it, unfit for family viewing but this one does not belong in that category.

This is the story of Bethany Hamilton, the young girl who 8 years ago at the age of 13 had her left arm taken off by a shark while she was surfing in the waters off of Hawaii. Her dream had always been to become a professional surfer and she was well on her way.

Bethany was and still is a girl with a deep faith in Jesus Christ.

This movie will make you cry, smile, laugh, cheer and at the end you will want to stand up and applaud. It is that good. Other than very young children (the shark attack scene might be a little too disturbing for children under 10 or 11) I would recommend this movie to everyone, single, married, young, and old.

It is to be released on April 8th in theatres nation wide. Go with your family, go with a friend or go by yourself but go, you will not be disappointed.


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