Friday, February 4, 2011

Just When I Thought......

Another day, another crisis. My plate is getting quite full and I just can't eat this much.

Hint - when you think your drifting along on a sea of calm get ready to grab the boat and hang on for dear life, because the water is about to get mighty choppy. I didn't plan to go out on the water today but somehow I wound up afloat and wondering how I got there. Surely, the Lord knows I am not a water lover, afterall he knows everything about me. Anyhow, after arriving at the shore no worse for the wear, I went about the rest of my day just trying to regain my sea legs. Once able to move about without the wobbles I began to research the whys and wherefores which led to my ride on the high seas. I discovered, that if suddenly nothing seems to make sense, the body can react in some very odd ways, one of which is that the ground beneath no longer feels solid and a person could be fooled into believing they are no longer on dry land. This is the case with me. So, the mystery of the non-existent boat ride has been solved, but the problems which led me to believe I had set sail for uncharted territory have not gone away. With that in mind, I turn my thoughts to dealing with the issues and finding a way to solve the problems because I do not want to resort to using my motion sickness patches - I might need them if I ever go on another cruise.

After spending quite some time looking for a solution I still have no answers but my stomach has stopped rebelling and the sea, so to speak, is calm.

That was all just a preface to my prayer. A way of sharing why I am  asking God to intervene in my life once again.

Lord, you know the issues confronting me tonight, you know why my heart is troubled and why I am calling on you for help. Father, you who are the great I AM, you who made the heavens and the earth, you are the creator, redeemer and King and I offer you all praise and honor and glory. Thank you for the many blessings you have given me through out my life. Thank you for the trials and the tears, though tough at the time, they teach me how to live my life relying on you. Without you I am lost. So Father, I ask that you would forgive me, teach me to remain calm in the midst of this latest storm and give me the strength to do what is right in this situation. Help me to not lose heart as I seek to do what is best for Taylor. Keep me open to those suggestions that may be best for her but not necessarily best for me. All I want is to help her and I am lost in this sea of doubt. I fear for her safety and pray that you will be near her always even during these times that she is making terrible choices. I know you can turn her around 180 degrees, that is my prayer. I cannot abandon her so show me what to do. Lord I pray these things in the name of the one who died for me, Jesus Christ. Amen

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