Thursday, February 10, 2011


My mind is on overload tonight so I am only going to post this short poem. It is what I needed to read and perhaps someone else will benefit from it as well. God bless you.

People all through out the earth
wander aimlessly
searching where they should not go,
ignoring HIStory
Looking for a way to fill
the void within their souls
but nothing ever seems to help them
fill the empty holes.
Headed down life’s road alone,
no purpose or direction
hoping that around the bend
awaits for them perfection
The perfect mate, the perfect house,
the perfect job and more
not knowing that perfection
has been knocking on their door
Material possessions
will not fill their emptiness
nor will the load of things they own
bring them peace or rest.
Destruction, shame and misery
await them on their course
for there is nothing they can do
until they feel remorse.
It is then when they repent
of all the sin they bear
that Jesus Christ will come to them
and lift their load of care
No longer plagued by emptiness
their searching days will end
when hearts that once were empty
on Christ learn to depend

1 comment:

  1. You're correct Sweetie. Jesus Christ has given us eternal fulfillment and the best is yet to come in HIStory.