Friday, December 2, 2011

Give God A Giggle, Make Plans

Wednesday November 30, 2011.

If you want to make God laugh, make a plan. We've probably all heard that before and the fact is it seems to be true. 

Keith was supposed to go for his biopsy on Monday December 5th but his condition deteriorated so quickly we found ourselves in the emergency room Tuesday afternoon. Since then he has undergone six hours of surgery on his back and it was discovered that he has lymphoma. We don't know the type or magnitude of involvement in his body, yet, but by Monday we should be much more informed. After we find out what we are dealing with we will make a plan of action with his oncologist. We are optimistic but realistic. For now, if the lymphoma is contained in the area of the tumor it is entirely possible it can be radiated and destroyed. This is our prayer.

Ordinarily, I would be ringing my hands and pacing the floor, in general an all out wreck. But I am at peace with this because I know that God is carrying us and this load of care we presently bear. There is no other explanation for the peace that has settled over me. Keith, is a pragmatic kind of guy, everything is black and white and he doesn't worry or fret. Instead he feels the best way to approach any issue is to deal with whatever comes up head on, focused and determined to do whatever is necessary.  

The 'C' word, is one of those words you hope to never use in connection with yourself or your loved ones. This only happens to other people, right? Well obviously that is incorrect. So here we are getting prepared to fight the fight of our lives. God is our commander, he has laid out the battle plan and we will follow his orders because he has already determined the outcome. We are putting on the full armor of God. 

No matter what the outcome of this fight we both rest in the knowledge that we have a heavenly Father who loves us and will be with us every step of the way. A God of love and compassion who will never leave us or forsake us. There is nothing  in this mortal life that can even come close to the love of our Father in heaven. 

The Great Physician
With human hands the doctor works, to heal his patient’s pain
but God performs the miracles no doctor can explain.
No mortal in this earthly realm will ever find the cure
for all the ills that plague the world, of that we can be sure.

But God can make a cripple walk and make a blind man see
and He can heal the deepest hurt that touches you or me.
How awesome is the God we serve whose power far outweighs
the knowledge learned by mortal men and only He displays.
A man may study medicine to benefit mankind
but God is the Physician and healing His design.
This vessel is not who we are, it’s but an outer shell
and doctored men of medicine cannot make all things well.
True healing is in God alone for He can touch the soul
and it is there that He begins to make the body whole.
So when you feel like giving up, and all you’ve tried has failed
cast your cares upon the cross, where Jesus love was nailed.
He loves you with a lasting love and waits for you to call
to ask Him to live in your heart, to catch you when you fall.
Once invited in your life, He’ll never leave your side
and when your time on earth is through with Him you will abide.
Jesus suffered on the cross to open Heaven’s door
to break the bond of sin and death so man would fear no more
Trials and sorrows you will face, but with you He will stay,
God promised to meet all your needs, on Resurrection day.

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