Sunday, January 8, 2012

Like Joseph

Father, give me faith like Joseph
that even in the darkest day
I’ll feel your hand to guide me
assuring me this is your way
A faith that leads me through sorrow
guiding each step that I take
faith to rise o’er the ruin
of shattered dreams and mistakes
Father, give me Joseph’s courage
when I feel like giving up
your strength will fill this vessel
as I drink the bitter cup
A courage fierce, overwhelming
upholding in all I do.
Courage born from deep within
that only comes through you.
Father, give me Joseph’s vision
to see beyond my plight
to brighter times born of sorrow
and days that seemed endless night
A vision that is not of my eyes
but from your lens of desire
that I know the road to travel
when confronted by the fire.
Father, I need Joseph’s kindness
when loved ones turn on me.
Help me to feel forgiveness
no matter where their hearts may be.
Kindness to feel compassion
even when my hurt is deep
knowing their soul may be troubled.
Forgiveness, that I may sleep.
Father, give me Joseph’s wisdom
To know you are in control
and see the schemes of others
never reach beyond your goal.
A wisdom only you can give.
Lead me through the shadowland,
through all the trials and sorrows
content I am in your plan.

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