Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't Forget Your Change

January 13, 2012

     I was reading a post on FaceBook today, which dealt with change, and decided that would be an excellent subject for my blog. (Thanks Jo-Ann) I've heard it said that change, whether good or bad, can produce stress. I believe this is true and I'm sure there are others who would agree. There have been many changes in my life over the past year and I have been so stressed out that I turned to counseling. However, not wanting to leave God out of the solution to my stressed out condition, I returned to the Christian counseling center to which I had gone once before. Learning how to live without getting stressed by every unexpected, painful event, will not happen over night but knowing I am doing something to bring about change is one step in the right direction. After all, God did give us a brain and it's nice to use it, That being said, I am trying to think before reacting remembering that everything is part of God's plan. However, being the stubborn female that I am, (not proud of this) I do not foresee an easy fix. I am going to do my best though, to earnestly keep God as my focus. There is one thing I am absolutely certain of, without God in this equation, there is no hope for me, but with him, anything is possible. Some change is good, such as having your cancer cured. Keith and I are looking forward to that day when the doctor says, "Your cancer is gone." That is one change I will have no problem handling. Life is all about transition, nothing stays the same for long and the sooner I accept that fact the better prepared I will be when the next big change presents itself. It may taunt me, tease me, and in general, make my life miserable with the intention of derailing me in my effort to keep my focus on God, but I intend to look it in the eye, so to speak, and stare it into submission. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! 

Change Your World

In a perfect world there'd be no pain
no bloodied cross born of disdain
Everyone would get along
all would be right, there'd be no wrong
Bad wouldn't even be a word
there'd be no trouble to be stirred
There'd be no prisons of brick or mind
no criminals of any kind
No need for hatred's head to rear
for love would conquer every fear
Sinless lives we all would lead
Christ would never've had to bleed
but this world is not a perfect one
instead with sin it's overrun
Bad is good, wrong is right
evil turns our days to night
Prisons of brick are over crowded
our minds held captive by all that's doubted
Love succumbs where hatred rules
and Satan laughs to see such fools
Because God saw that man was doomed
to lead a life with hearts entombed 
he made a way to set us free
upon the cross of Calvary
The perfect Lamb to sacrifice
his precious Son has paid the price
The blood of Christ has changed the world
into the depths our sin is hurled
when on our knees we call his name
God sets us free, Christ takes the blame
That perfect world for us awaits
the other side of Heaven's gates.

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  1. This is super insight into keeping Christ in the middle of our life of earthly changes. Note -- Marlene was able to write this today, despite her Mom being taken yesterday via a 911 rescue to Franklin Square Hospital. We don't know the entire diagnoses yet but they twice had to shock her heart at the house before transporting her to the ER.