Monday, February 27, 2012

Paths, Roads, Stones and Boulders

February 27, 2012

As Keith and I continue on this journey we are bolstered every step of the way by God's unfailing love. He has enabled us to walk this path with the confidence that He is walking with us, sheltering us under His wing. It is very hard to give up when we know He is gently guiding us forward and ever on our side. So, we push ahead kicking the stones in our path aside confident that God will remove, from our path, the boulders we cannot budge. There is no better companion with whom to travel through life. Invite Him to travel life's road with you.
There is a lot to be said for the sense of peace and hope you get from knowing that God in heaven loves you. Even if you don't love him he loves you. Your name was known to him, before you were born, he's just waiting for you to call on him to give you the comfort for which your soul is crying out. Bad things in this life happen to all of us and make us question, "If there is a God why would he allow this to happen"? The truth is much of the time we will not get the answer in this lifetime but that is what trust and faith are all about. If you can see and touch something it is easy to trust in its existence and requires no faith. 
Trusting in the creator, with a faith so deep it is unshakable is a life changing experience. There is so much cynicism in the world today that some people just cannot let themselves trust in a faithful God. I have seen so many lives changed for the better because they let the Lord take control. So, even if you say you're not religious at all, I think somewhere deep inside, your soul is crying out for that firm foundation to stand upon. God created you and he knows what you are going through and you don't have to go it alone. That is the key, all you have to do is use it to open the door to your heart and let him in.

I know, I know, easier said than done but if you've exhausted every avenue, because you've insisted on doing it your way, and you still feel alone, lonely, empty, unloved, abandoned, or betrayed what have you got to lose? You won't know how much God really loves you until you put your life in His hands and trust Him to fill the void in your life. Some think that accepting Christ means you will never have anymore problems and that life will forever be filled with happiness. Sorry, that's just not so. The difference is that no matter the problem you can confront it head on because you are not alone in your battle. God is your shield, your loving protector and though you may get bruised and battered He will never leave your side. He is your living stone against the Goliaths of this world. 

Without God we are mere mortal human beings, full of distrust, anger, deceit, selfishness and pride, to name just a few of man's sinful characteristics. That is not the way to go through life and will only leave you feeling bitter and joyless. God did not create us to live empty, lonely lives but our sin cuts us off from Him until we call upon the one who died for us, the one whose blood poured out and whose body was broken on the cross of Calvary over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ. 

I accepted Jesus thirty one years ago and cannot imagine my life without Him. His sacrifice, for MY SINS and yours, was the greatest gift ever given to mankind. 
                                             Romans 5:8 
But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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  1. He loves us even when we don't love Him. Now that's unconditional love.