Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trusting In God = Peace

March 6, 2012

     Well here we sit at the Weinberg Cancer Institute while Keith gets a blood transfusion. He is almost through the first unit and then the nurse will start the second one, which will take another two to three hours. If all goes well we will be out of here by four or five o'clock at the latest. 
     His blood counts and energy level were not as good as the doctor thought they should be and felt it was time to give his blood a boost. His color already looks better and the doctor said he should make him feel more energetic.
     Keith is still Keith, giving the nurses a good laugh. Before the nurse hung the first unit Keith requested 'young stud blood'. Anyone who knows him well will not be surprised by this, nor am I. I just looked at the nurse, who seemed amused, and rolled my eyes. I told him it was probably the blood of a woman (should have said a  menopausal woman) and the nurse got a bit of a chuckle. 
     He is an inspiration in his overall attitude toward his cancer. As I sit here it is even more clear how upbeat he remains in the midst of this madness. We are both handling this setback better then I had expected and I know it is only by the grace of God that this is so. 
     Our family and friends have been very supportive and we are blessed. I cannot even imagine how it must be for someone going through this without family and friends but more importantly without God. I am the kind of person who values my alone time and am able to fill the occasional void without feeling lonely but I also know how valuable it is to have the support and comfort of people around who love me and on whom I can depend. Above all, as I have said before, it is knowing that God is watching over Keith and me that offers the most comfort. 
     This past year I have discovered that to trust God is absolutely necessary in order to gain peace of mind. When I learned how to give it to God and stop stealing it back my outlook in the midst of trials became brighter, my focus clearer and my ability to function in a productive manner improved greatly.
     We are nearing the end of the chemo treatments, five down and one to go. All prayers are still highly coveted. 

                             We'll see the beauty beyond the pain
                            for there'd be no garden without some rain.
Isaiah 26:3
You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

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